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A Letter from a Customer


January 14, 2000

Dear Ray:

David and I just wanted to express our appreciation for your assistance in

building our new home. You served in a unique role as an advisor on this

project and you really met our needs. Ray, you were responsive in

returning calls and flexible in meeting us at the house to discuss various

issues. Obviously knowledgeable with a great deal of expertise in your

field, you readily shared your thoughts when asked. Your contacts and

breadth of experience proved helpful in the process. We really enjoyed

vvorking with you. As you know, building a home can be a stressful

situation, but you seemed to bring a sense of humor at the appropriate

time and the ability to help us deal with what seemed to be the "crisis at

the time". Again, thank you for your assistance. We would be happy to

serve as references for you and wish you many years of continue

prosperity in your business.

Charlene H. Fischler