A story about being
Home Up




A story about being.........


Under Bid!



Raymond Carnelli, Jr. takes home building very seriously. He works closely with the customer and architect to make sure the home is built the way they all hoped and planned it to be.

Everyone one is concerned about the price. Things cost a lot these days! Homes are expensive to build. Below you'll find a cupola drawn by architect Jack Kemper for a home in Devonwood.

When Raymond built it, he made a few refinements that both the architect and customer liked.

Later, Raymond worked on another plan for a new customer that had a similar cupola seen below.

As in many cases, when  Raymond bids on a home the customer gets a second opinion. This is not unusual but for many comparing bids is not easy. Try as he did Raymond lost the bid to a lower price. He was Under Bid!

The customer was convinced he was going to get a home as good as Raymond's....only for less money.

Below you'll see just one example of how 2 different builders look at the same plan.